Jan. 6th, 2010

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So far, 2010 is rather blah. I'll take that as good, becuase I'm not sure I'm ready for wild excitement just yet.

As I mentioned in a previous post, New Year's Eve did not go as planned. Eric/[livejournal.com profile] ermago's mom slipped on an icy sidewalk and broke her leg. The fall caused a hairline crack in her hip joint (in the leg bone, whatever it's called...the femur, I think?). Anyway, she underwent surgery on Sunday morning. They inserted three screws in her bone to prevent it from splitting further. She was moved to a rehab facility yesterday. I'm not sure right now how long she'll have to be there.

When he's not at work, Eric has been spending all his free time by her side to help her with her work. Since 12/31, aside from my visits to the hospital, I think I've only seen him about 5 awake hours. He comes home late, goes to bed, gets up early again. He's very very tired.

Work is work. It's been difficult getting back into the swing of things. The last couple of days have been very busy. This is actually the first time I've had a few minutes so I could update this.

It's been very cold and windy for the last five days, with unbelievable gusts of wind this past Sunday...the windows kept rattling. It sounded like they were going to get out of their frames and blow into the house.

On Sunday morning, I went out to breakfast. At the table behind me, I overheard this couple telling the server they were from Quebec. So, I turned around and a conversation in Le French ensued, hehe. They were on their way to Florida. But while they should have stayed on 95 all the way from New York to Florida, their Garmin GPS made them take a detour clear across Pennsylvania and Maryland, and reconnect them to 95 via 495. Crazy! They took it all in stride, and they were very pleasant. At one point, the woman asked me if it was always that cold and windy in Frederick (with the windchill, the temps felt like they were in the low 20s), because she said it was actually warmer in Montreal!

After breakfast, I went home and stayed there, trying to keep warm. Our poor furnace has been working overtime trying to keep the place comfortable...we end up having a few cold spots in the house.

Anyway, time to get to work. Thanks for reading.


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