Jan. 18th, 2010

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Well, Eric's parents are now moved in! It's been a very long 2 1/2 years since they've bought the condo, but they're finally in.

Eric's mom was released from the convalescence home on Friday. A friend of theirs picked her up and drove her to Frederick. Eric had spent most of his day at the new place waiting for Verizon to connect the phones...the tech ended up being a no call/no show (he showed up over two hours ahead of schedule, when no one was there), and he didn't do the job properly...he only verified the building had a dial tone, he never made the connection to the wires in the unit. Lovely, huh?

It ended up being another long day for Eric.

On Saturday, I drove down to Gaithersburg to help with more boxes and provide moral support for when the movers showed up. They were ahead of schedule as well (though this ended up being a very good thing), and they were very patient and professional. I ended up leading the way to Frederick after everything had been loaded.

Eric made sure so many things were being taken care of. He started getting sick, though I'm not sure if it was from all the dust being kicked about, or the stress that the last few weeks have taken on him. He ended up making three trips down to Gaithersburg that day, the last one with me so he could pick up his car which he had left there.

Sunday was more of the same: unboxing, trips to Gaithersburg to get more stuff, and another late night.

Today, Verizon is expected to return to the condo to configure and install a jack to allow for voice and fax at the same time.

This has been a very trying experience for everyone, but more so for Eric. Being an only sone, he's been responsible for organizing and executing the entire move on his own. He's now exhausted, and I'm worried that he may become sick. We are looking forward to this Friday when we go to NYC for this weekend's Lady Gaga concert...I know he's looking to escape and finally have some fun.


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