Feb. 3rd, 2010

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-- I feel like I'm about to embark on a majorly blah period. Don't know why, but I just feel uninterested in so many things.

-- Weekend was good and productive, however: went to Eric's parents' condo on Saturday and hung up 7 pieces of artwork. Their place is finally starting to look like a home. They live on the 3rd floor so their unit gets in A LOT of beautiful natural light...I just wish they'd open their blinds and let it in...it would make the place look bigger and would really accent their artwork.

-- On Friday evening, my driver's side headlight blew out. On Sunday, I went went out and bought two new bulbs (might as well replace both at once). After a half hour of intense aggravation, I managed to replace the driver's side bulb. My hand is too big to replace the passenger side bulb so I decided one new bulb was enough for now. Good thing I took care of my burnt out bulb when I did...on Monday morning, when I turned my lights on, my passenger side bulb blew out. If I hadn't replaced the other one the day before, I couldn't have driven to work. I went to Jiffy Lube last night and they replaced the bulb for me...cost me a whopping $5.

-- My mom has been dealing with yet another bout of bronchitis for the last week or so. She's responding well to the antibiotics, but they don't seem to be working as quickly as they're supposed to. The nurse is a bit concerned that it may have, somehow, escalated into pneumonia. At least she's not living alone anymore and there's someone to watch over her. Compared to previous bouts of bronchitis/pneumonia, this was caught early. That's a problem with COPD...one little bug (innocuous to most of us) can turn into a very severe problem.

-- I've thrown myself full-swing into my Lady Gaga obsession. Within limits, of course. I've developed an interest in collecting vinyl, picture discs, and the maxi-singles. So far, I have a nice little collection:

-- Work has become very busy. My workload seems to increase on a regular basis. I have job security since I'm the only one inmy office who does what I do, but it would be nice to have a lighter burden. At least my new boss is cool with me taking time off when I want to.

OK, gotta go, lunch is over and time to get back to work. Thanks for reading.


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