Feb. 22nd, 2010

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It's been a while since I've posted anything substantial, so here goes:

-- I just haven't been feeling LJ for the last couple of weeks. I've read everyone's posts, commented on a few, but posting anything of value has seemed like such a chore. Ugh.

-- I have another kidney stone. Yup, after I passed the two stones last year after the car accident (which dislodged them, somehow), I thought I was done with them for a looooooong time. Well, apparently a "looooooong time" to my body means a year. Right now, it's not hurting, thankfully. It's more of an all-too-familiar pressure in my right middle back
letting me know that there's a stone there. I've been very fortunate in the past that all the stones I've urinated out have passed my urethra easily and painlessly...I'm hoping (nay, PRAYING!) it's the case with this one as well.

-- Eric's dad had his back surgery two Fridays ago. The surgery itself went well...the follow-up care was messed up big time. The staff made an error that could have been fatal: Eric's dad is diabetic and, instead of giving him intravenous saline to keep him hydrated, there was a mixup and they gave him intravenous glucose! His blood sugar spiked and remained dangerously elevated, and the staff kept giving him insulin with very little effect. It was by pure luck that Mr. Goldfarb spotted the label on the drip bag and notified the nurses. He could have gone into a coma.

-- Mr. Goldfarb is now at a convalescence home for a few weeks. Eric is spending all of his free time at his parents', helping his mom with their work (both his parents work from home). I see him briefly in the morning when I get up, and for a few minutes when he comes home around 10 PM. Thank goodness they now live one street away...I couldn't imagine him doing this if they still lived in Gaithersburg. At least Eric and I had a terrific Valentine's Day dinner together.

-- My mom continues to do well. She enjoys the assisted living place and continues to make lots of friends. She's been a bit bummed this week as several residents have passed away, which is understandable in such a place. She feels a sadness for their families and loved ones. Mom's such a loving giving person.

-- I received a bill this week from the Quebec Transportation Ministry for $2400 for the damage I caused to the guardrail when I had my accident in January 2009. At the time, both the provincial police officer and my insurance company told me that I might be billed for the damage (which I completely understand...if I damaged it, I should pay for it). But I was surprised at how long it took for them to bill me. I checked with my insurance company: they received their copy and will be handling it.

-- My Lady Gaga obsession continues: a couple of weeks ago, I bought myself a pair of Heartbeats headphones (they sound terrific!), and I've been expanding my vinyl collection. The remixes for "Telephone" have apparently been relased online two weeks ahead of schedule (I'm pretty sure someone messed up at Masterbeat.com), so on Saturday night I jumped on them like the proverbial fat kid on cake and downloaded all 17 tracks. On eBay, I spotted a rare promo-only vinyl release of "The Fame Monster"...but at $99, *sigh*, I'll pass.

-- That's it for now. I'm at the office, and it's time to get to work. Thanks for reading!


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