Mar. 1st, 2010


Mar. 1st, 2010 08:05 am
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-- My sixth and (hopefully, final!) Lady Gaga picture disc is on its way to me from Amazon. It boggles the mind how a company like this can repeatedly mess up such a simple order. As a customer, I've asked and over and over to have someone make sure the item is packaged properly for shipping. Instead, the just plop that vinyl record in a box that's too big, and then just stuff the box full of those little shipping "pillows". This doesn't prevent the disc from sliding back and forth within its plastic sleeve (or within the box, even). As the disc shifts in transit, its sharp edges split the sleeve on at least three sides each time. It's insane how much this company is willing to spend on shipping to repeatedly replace the item, but not address the issue at hand.

If it still arrives damaged, I'll just return it one final time and I'll order it directly from Lady Gaga's website.

-- On Friday night, we met up with our local GLBT group for dinner. One of the members, Luis, owns a restaurant called Cafe Latino. Unfortunately, he just couldn't keep it open. Not sure if it was due to the economy, or its location (in a tiny strip mall on a side street), or the fact that Frederick already has many, many Hispanic food restaurants, but Friday was Cafe Latino's last night. Luis is fortunate in that he already has a full-time job to fall back on, so he's not unemployed as a result. Our group has located another GLBT-friendly restaurant in Frederick that is willing to host our group's get-togethers.

-- Saturday was uneventful: stayed home and took care of household chores while Eric was with his parents. His dad had just come back from convalescence the day before. I used my time to declutter our spare room, and clean up and organize my iTunes.

-- On Sunday, Eric and I spent our afternoon in downtown Frederick. We initially went to drop off book donations at the public library. On our way there we spotted a dog store called "Two Paws Up", so we went there after the library. That led to us just walking around downtown. We went into a couple of crazy gift shops, jokingly contemplated getting tattoos and piercings (we did not), and stopped for coffee. On our way back to the car, we bumped into some friends/acquaintances: Joe, Aubrey, and Mark. Joe and Mark are friends of Eric's from a while back, and we both met Aubrey at Andy/[ profile] bigfundrew's 2007 Memorial Day picnic. We all chatted for a while, until the temperatures suddenly dropped (within minutes) and it began snowing. Eric and I then headed home.

-- We spent our evening relaxing and watching TV. Eric has booked our Memorial Day vacation in Las Vegas. It's a family affair this year as his parents will be joining us. He and I had such a fun time there last year, I'm hoping we'll be able to duplicate the magic.

-- Despite my being Canadian, we did NOT watch the Canada-US Olympic hockey match. Surprisingly, I'm not a hockey fan. But I am glad Canada won. It's only appropriate that the Canadians win that sport. I'll graciously allow the Americans to win at other sports.

OK, time to get some work done. Happy Monday!


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