Mar. 9th, 2010

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-- Enjoyed a nice quiet weekend at home. Finally got to spend a full Saturday with Eric, our first since the beginning of the year. We stopped by our local animal shelter for a quick peek at the available puppers (I *always* start crying in there) before heading out to lunch at Liberty Road Seafood (crabcakes and soft shells!), did a quick Costco trip, then headed home. Around 4:45 PM, we headed to downtown Frederick for the monthly First Saturday event. We decided to bring Aspen along, as dogs are welcome in many of the establishments. We first went to Two Paws Up to buy her a giant dog biscuit, then we just walked along Market Street. She got a lot of attention from passersby. When we initially left the parking garage, she was overly excited and the sniffer was in overdrive. As time passed, she calmed down a tiny bit and she was much more manageable. Around 6:30 PM, we decided we'd had enough (plus, the area had become quite crowded) so we headed home.

-- Sunday was quiet...Eric spent it at his parents', and I stayed home and relaxed.

-- I received a letter from Blue Cross yesterday informing me that the stress test that the cardiologist had scheduled for me was deemed "not medically necessary." My company's HR is presently involved in this. I'm hoping it's approved.

-- Over the weekend, I spent a lot of time fully organizing all the music I had on my laptop. I deleted A LOT Of crap and freed up some much-needed hard disc space. Last night, I backed up all my music to an external hard drive.

-- Work has been stressful, as I've been trying to catch up on things over the last two days. My backup did a good job while I was out, but she's not as fast as I am, so there was still a lot left to do upon my return.

-- My mom hasn't been all that well for the last week. She told me that her legs and feet have become swollen within the last couple of days and that it's somewhat painful to walk. I've impressed upon her that she needs to inform the nurses of this. She said she will. It's a good thing that I speak with her everyday, that way I can remind her. In the meantime, I've advised her to keep her feet elevated when she's not upright.

-- Today would have been my dad's 89th birthday.

Thanks for reading...happy Tuesday to all!


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