Mar. 11th, 2010

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-- We’ve decided against going to Volt this evening. Not because we wouldn’t have gotten a table (we have ways!), but because we’ve eaten out a lot this week, and we think we’d much more enjoy some nice quiet time at home.

-- My latest Lady Gaga picture disc, which I’ve ordered from Bravado instead of Amazon, also came damaged. When I called to notify them and obtain a replacement, they told me to just discard the old one and that I’d get a replacement shortly. Wow. I didn’t even have a chance to tell them it wasn’t the record itself, but just the sleeve. Oh well, I have a freebie. And I’ve also put one on hold at Melody Records in DC which I’ll pick up Saturday (in case this replacement is also damaged).

-- Mom’s issue with her legs turned out to be not as critical as we’d thought. A nurse looked at her swollen legs and feet on Monday and advised her that it was normal fluid retention and that Mom just had to rest a bit, and that it was not cardiac-related, just something that comes with age in some people. Mom was concerned because Dad’s legs got all puffy and swollen for a few weeks before he passed away. The nurse has prescribed some cream to help reduce the swelling (no Preparation H jokes, please).

-- The battle has begun as far as having my stress test approved by Blue Cross. As of last month, my employer offers a new benefit called Health Advocate – a third party that will help fight for services that have been denied by the insurer. I got the ball rolling yesterday morning. Let’s see if they’re successful.

That’s all I got for now. Happy Thursday!


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