Mar. 15th, 2010

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Ooowee, it's dark this morning!

Had a very uneventful weekend. On Saturday, Eric spent the day helping his mom clean out the old condo in Gaithersburg. So, on Saturday morning, I headed to DC to go check out Melody Records on Connecticut Ave. The place was small but packed with CDs of all kinds. I had the Fame Monster picture disc on hold there, but the copy they had also had a split sleeve so I didn't buy it. I picked up a couple of older CD singles that were on clearance and headed out.

For lunch, I took my friend Andrea's suggestion and went to Zorba's, which was right across the street. Another tiny little place, but the food was delicious. Not as inexpensive as I'd hoped, but that's's a rare occasion when I venture into DC. After lunch, I headed back home. On the way back from Shady Grove metro, I stopped in Gaithersburg to help Eric take apart a couple of desks at the old condo and take them to the trash. I then headed home to take care of the weekly chores.

Eric finally came home around 7 PM, exhausted and not feeling well. He ate dinner, and we watched a bit of TV, but then he went right to bed.

On Sunday, other than for an early FA meeting, we spent the day together, relaxing. He still wasn't up to par, so he slept most of the day.

And that was the weekend: quiet and low-key.
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She'll be coming to the Verizon Center in DC. Ticket sale date TBA.

Full tour info at, click on the Haus link.


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