Mar. 16th, 2010


Mar. 16th, 2010 08:03 am
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Several years back, I purchased some music mixing software called MixMeister Express. The software takes songs you've selected and automatically mixes them DJ-style. It's fairly accurate, though the occasional tweak is required, and you can also mix songs manually if you prefer. The software determines a track's BPM and adjusts it to seamlessly blend it into another one. It does a terrific job on more current all-electronic music (with a steady machine-produced beat), but older songs that used a human drummer need to be adjusted here and there. No big deal, and that sometimes leads to even more creative mixes. You can cut, repeat, and even play backwards! There are also lots of sound effects available.

Here's a screen shot (not mine, it's from the manufacturer):

When I initially got the software, I was cranking out mixes left and right. As time passed, my free time diminished and I stopped altogether.

But now that my music library is organized, I've rediscovered MixMeister and I've already made a couple of mixes for a coworker of mine. They're not perfect by any means, and I'm not quite ready to take over the commands at the local club, but it's fun and it allows me to create something that's an alternative to radio during my daily commute.


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