Mar. 24th, 2010

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Well, exactly three weeks ago I was at the hospital for chest pains. The cardiologist ruled out any heart problems, thankfully, advising that it may have been a chest muscle that cramped up or an esophageal issue.

Still, the cardiologist wanted me to have a stress test done (a nuclear stress test...the best -and most expensive-) to absolutely rule out the possibility of anything cardiac. Of course, Blue Cross balked and flatly denied the test, despite the doctor's insistence. So, instead, I'm scheduled for the basic treadmill test. It's better than nothing, I suppose, but why mess with anything that has to do with the heart? Ugh.

In other news, tonight the Frederick LGBT group meets at a new place. Our old haunt, Cafe Latino, closed last month. The owner Luis, tried to make it work, but opening and maintaining a restaurant under any type of economy, good or bad, is a challenge. So tonight we meet at Cafe 611, smack dab on Market Street in historic downtown Frederick. Like Cafe Latino, the place is not specifically a gay establishment, but the owners are very supportive of the LGBT community. It's going to be difficult, I'm sure, to get a regular group to meet, especially in the middle of the week. But we're hoping to grow and have enough folks attend so we can (maybe) snag ourselves a Friday or Saturday night. :-)

Moving on to Mom news...she had blood work done last week to check for various issues, and everything came back terrific. Other than for her arthritis, and her COPD, Mom is in terrific health: no diabetes, no high blood pressure, no heart issues. The doctor and nurses at the residence are amazed that at age 84 Mom takes no meds other than her COPD inhalers.

Time to do wome work. Happy Wednesday!


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