Mar. 26th, 2010


Mar. 26th, 2010 08:04 am
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Yesterday, I received my order from in 1978, while grooving to KSFX disco radio in San Francisco, I heard a track called "Walking On Music" by a group called Peter Jacques Band. Little did I know at the time that this group would be responsible for the advent of Italian disco in America. Not big news to most, I'll admit, but significant to those of us who followed dance music trends back then.

Peter Jacques Band was actually a studio group with an unusual recording process: the music was recorded in Italy, and the vocals were recorded in NYC. Their first album, "Fire Night Dance", was a smash here in the States (as far as disco albums went, anyway). After commercial disco crashed and burned, they released a couple more albums in the early 80's...hits in Europe, where disco continued to be popular, but not here.

The group's producer, Jacques Fred Petrus, also heralded several other projects from disco (Revanche, Macho, Rudy, and Change [which featured a then-unknown Luther Vandross]) to 80's R&B/dance (BB&Q Band, Hi Fashion, Zinc, and several others). Some of his productions, especially Change, were highly influenced by the disco group Chic, and with their overall sound morphing from disco to R&B as musical tastes changed in the early 80's.

All these groups have, until now, had very limited CD releases, most of which were bootlegs. But now they're slowly trickling out with legit releases. So as soon as I spotted them, I bought these CDs from Peter Jacques Band and BB&Q Band.


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