Mar. 31st, 2010


Mar. 31st, 2010 07:50 am
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I'm a bit behind in posting anything of great significance. The Lady Gaga and the disco posts are is fun, but it's really not substantial, is it? :-)

The weekend was rather calm. On Friday afternoon, Eric and his mom drove to their Ocean City condo. Eric is the VP of the condo association there, and needed to work on financials. As things are wont to happen, all the info he needed was at the condo (he thought he'd transferred it to his laptop a while back). So off they went. I spent Friday evening at home, resting.

On Saturday, his mom wanted to hit the outlets so they were there longer than I had expected. I spent my day doing chores around the house and running a few errands. Eric came home later that afternoon, and we spent the rest of the day at home.

On Sunday, he was off to his meeting, while I relaxed and read the Post. Eric and his mom later hit Costco and Petco. When he came home mid-afternoon, we decided to go out for a late lunch (4 PM) at IHOP. Then, later, we decided to go see "It's Complicated", the movie with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin, at the cheap theater. Very cute film with some truly laugh-out-loud moments.

On Monday and Tuesday, we were invited to Eric's parents' home for Passover dinner. Apparently, this is celebrated on both days, something I wasn't aware of. It was very nice and food was good: Monday was turkey and Tuesday was brisket. Yum!

I presently have a headache. It's pounding, and I wish I were home instead of at my desk at work. I've been feeling very blah about work recently...I'm hoping I'm not going through a burnout phase. I've been through those before and they're horrible.

Well, thanks for reading. Happy Wednesday.


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