Apr. 14th, 2010

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Last evening, around 7:15, I turned of fthe gossip shows and plugged in the PS2 to play DJ Hero. Eric was just putzing around on his laptop so I offered him the chance to go through the tutorials and learn how to play.

He looked a bit apprehensive, but said yes. He started off slowly (the learnign curve is a bit steep) but two hours later, he was deep into the game, scratching his way to Euphoria and Stars. Let's just say the turntable controller got a good workout last night, hehe. I played a couple of songs just before Glee, but I'll have my chance to catch up tonight and tomorrow night when Eric will be at a meeting and at the theater, respectively.

All in all, the game was a great purchase. I definitely see A LOT of replay value in it. Plus, unlike DDR, when you mess up, the game doesn't stop...it keeps going, you just don't get many points There are no life meters to worry about. Smart move.

At exactly 9:28 PM, we were in front of the couch for Glee. Overall, the impression I got from the episode was rather "meh", but I understand they're preparing all the plot lines for the year (well, for the next few episodes, at least). The best part? The Vogue video at the end...well executed, perfect production, and a couple of funny lyrical twists. Excellent job!


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