Apr. 20th, 2010

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What a weekend this was...

-- Started the weekend with Mom not feeling well. The antibiotics seemed to have stopped working and she just wasn't feeling well: overly tired, a bit dizzy, no appetite, lots of difficulty breathing. This was worrisome. But I know there's medical surveillance 24 hrs/day at the residence, so if an emergency had occurred, Mom would have simply pressed one of the three emergency buttons in her room, and a nurse would be there in less than a minute. She spent the weekend not sleeping and having difficulty breathing. On Monday, the doctor saw her and took her off the cortisone immediately...apparently, she's allergic to that and didn't know it. By the early afternoon, she was already feeling better. She's still dealing with the lung infection, mind you, but at least now she can breather a little more freely.

-- Friday night was quiet: Eric and I stayed home. I did laundry, and the sweeet adorable bear was in bed by 10 PM. Out of control, I tell ya!

-- On Saturday, I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and had another good week: lost 3 lbs for a total of 28.2! I got my little 10% keychain. Yay!

-- Eric and his mom went down to the Gaithersburg condo to clean it up and I was to join them. As I was leaving around 1:30 PM, I got a call from Eric to go check on his dad as he'd apparently had a car accident in the parking lot. Sure enough, I got there and his dad had hit two cars in the parking lot, and narrowly missing crashing into the building. He stated that as he was turning into his parking space, the brake on the Accord didn't work, the car suddenly surged, causing him to go onto the sidewalk, then back onto the parking area and hitting a BMW Roadster before jumping another curb and hitting a Kia Sportage. Whew! Fortunately, no one was hurt. But there's extensive damage to the BMW, and we just found out yesterday that they totalled the Accord (the airbag deployed).

-- On Sunday, we went to lunch with our friends Stuart and Dave. These are new friends that we've met through the Frederick GLBT group. We went to Mexicali Cantina. The food was great and, being that this was our second time going out as a foursome, we all felt a bit more comfortable with each other. After lunch, we all headed back to our place, where we ended up talking for about four hours! We had such a great time...I can't remember the last time Eric and I laughed so much. By the time the afternoon was over, we were pleased we had met these new friends. They've invited us to their place tonight so we can all watch Glee on their big-ass screen with sensurround home theater. Should be fun!

And that's it for now...just hoping to survive the week.
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Despite the cutesy icon, this is a serious request:

Has anyone on my friends list ever experienced sudden engine acceleration/surges with a Honda motor vehicle, at any time?

If you have, or know of someone who has, please let me know. Thank you very much.


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