Apr. 23rd, 2010

Mama Drama

Apr. 23rd, 2010 07:55 am
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I called my mom yesterday, like I do every afternoon, to see how she was doing. She seemed somewhat better than the day before, judging by the sound of her voice, but I could tell she was tired.

She explained to me that she had gone down to the main dining room the evening before for dinner, but that the director of the residence, Mrs. Roy, told her that she was not well enough to be down there. Apparently, Mrs. Roy got upset with her staff for having let Mom out of her apartment, knowing that she was still very weak. Mom said Mrs. Roy was very nice to her, got her a wheelchair, and took her back to her room herself and told her to rest. A few minutes later, a tray with her dinner was brought up.

Then, I could tell Mom was getting tired, and she suddenly started talking in gibberish, nonsensical sentences. I couldn't understand what she was saying, and she was searching for her words. Now, this has happened before...specifically, last year when she was under great stress about the move and not sleeping. She gets herself to a state of exhaustion, often for unknown reasons. So, I told her to go rest and we ended the call.

Then, I called Mrs. Roy. As always, she was very pleased to hear from me, and I asked her what was going on with Mom. Mrs. Roy corroborated Mom's dining room story. When I asked her about Mom's tiredness and confusion, here's when I got some surprising news:

It seems Mom got it in her head that, because she had been sick for three weeks and the nurses and cafeteria workers were taking care of her, she was going to be kicked out of the residence and lose her apartment. Mom thought that by losing any independence, even temporarily, meant that she couldn't stay there anymore. And Mom's already a big-time nervous nellie to begin with, so all this didn't help...she was keeping herself awake at night with anxiety! And she wasn't allowing herself to relax: even as she brought Mom her back to her room, Mom was talking about having to do laundry!

So, after reassurance from Mrs. Roy that everything is fine in terms of Mom's residence there (which I already knew, otherwise they would have called me had there been problems), I called Mom back. I have to admit that I was really mad at Mom for not discussing this with me, but berating her wouldn't have been productive. So, instead, I reassured her that everything was fine and that she was not in danger of losing her apartment. I told her that Mrs. Roy had three other residents with very bad colds like hers, and they were being taken care of the same way as she is. Mom felt better knowing she wasn't the only one in such a situation, and she was relieved to hear that she wasn't going to be homeless.

Just with that bit of news, I could tell Mom's spirits were already better. I can't imagine bearing such a burden, but at least it was now lifted. Whew!

And on a good note for me, Mrs. Roy told me that because the additional supervision and services were due to a medical reason, we wouldn't be charged for those. Double whew!

So, hopefully, today's call will reveal an improvement in her health and her spirits.
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Well, the tree whose loss I mourned a couple of weeks ago appears to have had a resurrection of sorts.

As I was walking by it earlier today, I noticed it had new buds all over. Talk about a late bloomer! I don't think it's going to sprout leaves everywhere, but I'm pleased that it's not completely gone.

Welcome back, friend.


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