Apr. 26th, 2010

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Eric left for NYC on Friday with his mom...they were doing a whirlwind Broadway weekend. I can't remember all four shows, but they did see "Promises, Promises" with Sean Hayes and Kristen Chenowith, "The Addams Family" with Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth, as well as "Enron" (who knew ruining people's lives was comedic material worthy of a musical?).

So my Friday night was spent on chores around the house, and I was PRODUCTIVE! Our friends Stuart and Dave called to see if I wanted to go out to dinner, but I passed. It had been a rough week, and I just wanted to collapse on the couch and get my stuff done.

On Saturday morning, my Weight Watchers meeting proced to be a source of happiness: lost another 3.2 lbs, for a total of 30.6. Go me.

I then spent the rest of the day running errands and finishing chores. That evening, Stuart, Dave, their friend Matt and I went out to Altland's Ranch for retro night. I'd never been so this was definitely a new experience. When I first walked in, I told them it looked like a high school dance. Looks aside, we had a blast! The music was good, and there was a drunk 21-year old celebrating his birthday who provided a lot of visual entertainment. Pictures were taken by friends of his, which I'm sure will cause him great embarrassment and heartache for years to come. Yes, he was THAT slutty and out of control.

On Sunday, I had plans to go see Eric's second cousin, Staci, in her high school play, "Grease". But my tiredness and my overall timing caused me not to go after all. It was held in Owings which is a couple of hours away. So the whole venture would have taken me about six hours, and I would have had to deal with Beltway traffic. Instead, I went downtown for a bit, then off to lunch with Stuart and Dave.

Sunday night was somewhat exciting, but not in a good way. Frederick County was under a tornado watch for a couple of hours. Then we were subjected to a very bad thunderstorm. There was hail! Fortunately, I took Aspen out for her walk early at 8 PM as I wanted to be showered and ready for Celebrity Apprentice. The tornado watch had since passed and the big storm hadn't started yet, so my timing was good.

Now, on to Mom: she seemed to recover well this weekend. On both days, she was fully coherent, and she told me she even went down to the main dining room on Saturday. It was her first time there in three weeks. She's still coughing a lot, but she has another doctor's visit this morning to determine whether additional antibiotics may be necessary. I'm hoping this passes soon.

Eric finally arrived home sometime after midnight. I was glad to see him. I missed him tremendously. I'm not sure if it was the excitement of having him back, but I didn't sleep a wink last night...I kept tossing and turning. I'm very tired this morning...can't wait to get home tonight and go to bed early.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!
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This item wasn't supposed to be released until May 4. But, apparently, Lady Gaga's UK website posted it as a pre-order adn the darn thing sold out in 24 hours! Word got around that it was sold out everywhere, and it began showing up on eBay. Ugh.

But something told me to check out the other Gaga stores and, sure enough, the German store had them in stock. So I ordered two. Not cheap...with tax and shipping, it came to €112 (about $149). But at least I got them before they're sold out there as well.

The reason for the frenzy? The USB features a Lady Gaga-like cartoon shape, has the entire Fame Monster double album, a bunch of remixes, and all her videos to date!


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