May. 4th, 2010

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Ok, it's about time I updated this with some non-Gaga subject matter. Let's see...

-- Mom's finally doing better. It's now been five weeks that she's been struggling with this cold/bronchitis misery. After I got through to her last week that she wasn't going to get kicked out of her apartment for needing assistance, she started improving quickly. She still has some pulmonary infection, but she's not coughing as much. She's going in for x-rays today. Since last Tuesday, she's been going down for her meals and participating in the activities. I think those do her the most good: being around people, having fun, and engaging ina bit of competitive spirit. And she continues to be the bean bag toss queen!

-- Eric and his mom went to Ocean City this past weekend for their semi-annual cleanup. Apparently it went well and it was quick. They both came back on Saturday evening, instead of their usual Sunday afternoon.

-- Now, he and his parents are packing for a 9-day cruise to the Carribean. They leave Thursday. After my last, and less-than-thrilling, cruising experience in 2008, I'm more than happy to stay home. Nothing bad happened on the cruise, I just didn't care for it. I felt as though I was stuck on a giant floating shopping mall.

-- This past Friday, I joined our friends Dave and Stuart for some local theater. We went to the Frederick Arts Council and saw a musical comedy titled "Perez Hilton Saves The World (Or At Least The Greater Los Angeles Area)". It wasn't the best, and it had a few chuckles here and there. A woman to my right kept laughing out loud at just about every movement the actors made...I figured she was pissed drunk or she was sleeping with someone in the cast. Jus' sayin'.

-- On Saturday, all three of us went out again for First Night (the first Saturday of the month celebration held in downtown Frederick). All we did was walk around, but it was still fun. We called it a night around 9:30 PM or so. I wanted to be home for Eric's arrival, and they had plans to go out dancing with a friend of theirs. Unfortunately, the place where they wanted to go, Deer Park, is now officially closed.

-- On Sunday, Eric, his parents and I went out for lunch at Liberty Road, then I helped them hang artwork in their condo. Eric and I finished the day by having some crockpot chicken I made and watching Celebrity Apprentice. It was a relaxing day, overall.

-- Now, I'm looking forward to our trip to Vegas at the end of the month. Well, I am and I'm not. I'll be happy once I'm's the actual traveling part I can't stand.

Anyway, have to get some work done. Thanks for reading.


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