May. 10th, 2010

A Week

May. 10th, 2010 07:45 am
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A week has gone by since my last update. So much for my promise to keep things updated on a more frequent basis. In any case, I'm here now, so let's do this.

-- The week at work was hellish! It started rough on Monday and kept on going. I was so happy to leave on Friday afternoon, I even left 15 minutes early. The ride home was very smooth and stress-free, and the weather was beautiful, so it made for a great start to the weekend.

-- And when I called Mom during the drive home, she was in terrific spirits. She'd just gotten her hair done at the in-house salon, and I can always tell she feels like a million bucks after that. Despite being 84, Mom looks years younger and she has a full thick head of hair, so I can understand why she enjoys that Friday afternoon pampering. Healthwise, she continues to feel better: her lungs sounded clearer and she wasn't coughing as much, though her voice was hoarse and cracking, making her sound a bit like Kim Carnes, hehe. That seems to be the norm for her after a very bad respiratory infection, so I was actually pleased to hear it.

-- Once I got home, I walked the dog and rushed out to Panera Bread to meet our friend Stuart for dinner. Had a Greek salad and it was delicious. We chatted but didn't stay long. I was back home by 6:45 PM and quickly took care of the laundry and the household chores.

-- On Saturday, I was supposed to head out to Baltimore for Tim and Mark's housewarming party. Of course, as timing would have it, I started having some major stomach turmoil that afternoon, and it just got worse. I cancelled my plans and stayed home, wearing out a path between the couch and the bathroom. Ugh. I spent the evening with The Golden Girls and stayed up to watch Betty White on Saturday Night Live. She was hilarious! It was truly the funniest and best episode they'd had in a long time, and the writers outdid themselves. I'm rating it a 10, despite the fact that Jay-Z was the musical guest. :-P

-- On Sunday, I ran a few early morning errands, then went to brunch with Stuart at Moxie's. We chatted for about an hour and a half before heading home. I spent the rest of my day resting and I took Aspen for a nice long walk. It was actually cold and windy, and she enjoyed herself.

-- Eric and his parents were docked in San Juan, PR, for the day, so I got a chance to speak with him a couple of times. It was very nice hearing his voice. They were enjoying themselves and they're off to the islands later today.

And that's it! Time to get some work done...thanks for reading.


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