Jun. 7th, 2010

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Wow, can't believe it's been so long since I've updated. Here's what's been happening:

-- Went to Las Vegas last weekend (05/29) with Eric's dad. We met up with Eric and his mom who had been gotten there three days earlier. The main purpose of the trip was to look for an investment/retirement home for us. Eric wants to retire in Vegas because, with the exception of some nights throughout the year, it's not cold. He despises the cold. I'm OK with it. But I'm also OK with the heat, as long as it's not humid, which Vegas isn't as a rule. His dad and i returned on Wednesday, 06/02, and I picked up Eric and his mom on Saturday night, 06/05.

-- The trip was somewhat successful...no contract signed, but Eric thinks he found a nice house in a new development at a terrific price. We'll most likely have to go back.

-- As far as gambling goes, my luck was bad. I'll leave it at that.

-- But while we were there, we did go to the Pinball Hall Of Fame (sadly, no "Hyperball", my all-time favorite game). And then we ventured into the ultimate in tacky: the Liberace Museum. The guy was definitely the Lady Gaga of his time: super-talented, outrageous costumes, a kind heart.

-- My mom's health as been both good and bad. She's been felling much better overall, and has gone out a few times since the weather has warmed up. The assisted living home has a beautiful garden with swings, and Mom likes to go sit in those for a couple of hours each day and just enjoy the outdoors. She chit-chats with friends, but mostly she enjoys being out of the house. However, last week, she told me that she'd been having some serious g.i. issues (lots of pain, unable to go to the bathroom), and it stressed her out. When Mom gets stressed like that, for some reason, she stumbles on her words and becomes unable to process sentences. She becomes nonsensical. So, I ended up calling the nurse who told me that Mom had told them just the day before that she hadn't gone to the bathroom in over a week! Fortunately, the nurse discovered that Mom was barely drinking any water, or even liquids in general other than her couple cups of coffee and her afternoon fruit juice. So, she asked Mom to increase her water, which Mom did (8 glasses a day). And voila, within 24 hours, things were back to normal: regularity had returned, and the pain was gone. *sigh*...Mom was a nurse all her life, you'd think she'd remember stuff like this. Oh well, that's why we pay extra to have someone monitor her. I'm glad she's better.

-- Yesterday, I participated in the 2010 Weight Watchers 5K Walk-It Challenge. Nothing had been organized at my Saturday meeting, so I did it on my own. I put on my walking shoes, had the iPod loaded with Lady Gaga and 80's italo tracks, and started walking. The day before, I'd plotted a 5K course through my neighborhood. Took me about 50 minutes to walk that distance. When I was done, I was soaking wet (it was HUMID!) but I felt great. I'd never done anything like that before, so I was pleased with my accomplishment.

-- Spent the weekend relaxing at home. It was nice.


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