Jun. 14th, 2010

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Well, this weekend was Pride Weekend here in the DC area. Everyone gets so excited about it, and I just don't get it.

For starters, it always seems to be on the hottest, most humid weekend of the year so far. I realize the organizers have no way of knowing how the weather will be, and I'm not blaming them, but that's how it always seems to turn out. This weekend, the heat index was almost 100...no thanks, I'll stay home where it's cool and comfy.

Second, I'm not one for crowds. They irritate me. When I was younger, no problem...I could easily go into the most tightly-packed club or bar (hello, Midnight Sun in SF!), but not anymore. Now, I find them testing my patience at every turn, and it's unpleasant.

Third, and probably most importnat for me, I don't get the concept of Pride. Maybe I'm too hung up on the word, but I don't see how my sexual orientation has anything to do with "pride". I don't think most heterosexuals are necessarily proud of their orientation. It's just something that is. And that's how I think it should be for us. At least, that's how it is for me.

I'm not sure if changing it from "pride" to "celebration", for example, would do it for me. I've been out to friends since I was 16, and I've been out to my parents since I was 21...so, for me, being gay is just a part of me. It's not all of me, and I don't see it as an accomplishment which needs to result in a feeling of pride.

I guess I celebrate Pride everyday just by being me. My partner and I live very average, boring lives: stress-filled jobs, dog walks, grocery shopping, household chores, paying bills, going out to dinner with friends, etc. I think seeing two men in a relationship, dealing with everyday problems and chores, makes more of an impact on society than a Pride festical or parade.

Plus, and I know it's a small contingent, but I really don't want to be equated with half-naked pierced folks in leather walking around and being displayed on floats. I have nothing against sex or kink, or any other way that adults express themselves in the bedroom or in porn films, but if we're really looking to celebrate pride and societal freedom, then there has to be a better way than buttless chaps...because you just *know* that THAT is what the evening news is going to broadcast. Let's face it, there's still a large percentage of the hetero viewing audience out there that needs to be educated on this subject, and I'd rather they not learn it from what looks like the local sex club attendees.

My 2 cents' worth.


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