Jul. 21st, 2010

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Well, the DC area is now entering its 39th day with temps above 90 degrees. Despite the occasional afternoon downpour, it's not enough to alleviate the discomfort. It's humid, sticky, and the combination just grabs ahold of you the moment you walk out the door and stifles you. Ugh.

Much of the grass in our neighborhood is now yellow. I know it'll return to green once this is all over, but it would be nice to walk throguh soft green grass...not crunchy yellow hay.

Right now, Eric and I are hooked on the TV series "Popular". It's old by TV standards, as it dates back to 2000, but it's a hoot. I unearthed my DVDs of it this past weekend, and we're having a blast. It's such a demented show, well ahead of its time. Plus, at the time, it ran on UPN which meant zero audience. It's a shame it wasn't more of a hit, but I'm glad both seasons are on DVD.

I made some cod last night, which just turned out OK. I hadn't made it in a looooooooong time and I'd forgotten how truly "fishy" that fish is. I'll have to remember that when I'm at the supermarket...regardless of how low-priced it is, stay away!

I'm slowly getting my two backups ready at work. I can't believe I'm finally getting my vaacation in less than a month. I'm happy. But it'll also be a tense few weeks as I need to make sure that both people are fully trained.

Time to work. Thanks for reading.


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