Aug. 12th, 2010

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After almost three months without any decent rain (though with an occasional flash downpour here and there), our yellow grass can finally rejoice: we're supposed to have storms for the next three days.

I was awakened this morning by a very spectacular lightning show. Thunder soon followed, and then the monsoon downpour came. Though the timing was off a bit (I needed to take Aspen out and head out to work), I waited about 15 minutes for it to pass and then took Aspen on her morning walk. It was still raining a bit, just not as hard.

And my timing was good, because the hard rain started up again once I got in my car.

Work is stressful. I can't wait for next Thursday when I'll be on vacation for a week. Montreal (and Mom), here I come! Eric had looked into possibly taking a flight up there to meet me there over the weekend, but they were much too expensive ($300+). In addition, I've had to get a hotel room, as my friends John and Mario have some guests staying with them over the weekend, and then they're off to New Brunswick.

Fortunately, I've also reconnected with my friend Marc and I'll be having lunch with him one day. Marc has admitted that he hasn't been a very good friend in the last couple of years. His dad passed away in August 2008, a few months after my dad did. As a result of this, Marc went into a depression. Then, his partner Phillipe left him as a result, which only made the depression worse. He hadn't responded to any of the Facebook messages I'd previously sent him, until last week. I'm looking forward to seeing him again and catching up.

Mom's doing well. Her butt is still painful from the fall a couple of weeks ago, but it's getting better on a daily basis. On Monday, Mom was doing laundry and was going back and forth between her apartment and the laundry room. Upon one of her return trips, she walked in on Pauline, one of her neighbors, snooping in her apartment! Mom confronted her and told her to leave. Pauline tried to make some flimsy excuse and left. Mom and this woman aren't friendly to each other to begin with. Mom then went to the administrators downstairs and reported the incident. Since there was nothing stolen, there was nothing they could really do except advise Mom to keep her apartment locked at all times. If she believed something had been stolen, she'd have to contact the police. Here's the good part: in relaying this to the administrators, a few people overheard Mom describing the situation. And just like a good middle school rumor, the word got around quickly about Pauline's snooping. By the time of the afternoon activities, many people came up to Mom to tell them how sorry they were to hear what had happened, and Pauline was left sitting by herself in the corner.

Since then, Pauline has been extra friendly to Mom. Mom has decided to be nice back...she figures the embarrassment of everyone knowing she's a snoop is enough. I agree.

Anyway, time to get working. Thanks for reading.


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