Feb. 28th, 2011

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Well...it's been four months since I've updated this. Because of the amount of information to cover, I'll split the entire write-up into three or four parts, to be posted over the course of the next few days. So, here goes:

On October 21st, my mom suffered a slight brain hemorrhage. You can read more about it here in my previous entry: http://eurodancemix.livejournal.com/396974.html

That first weekend in November, I went to Montreal by myself. Eric was supposed to go with me, but his mom was scheduled for back surgery and, understandably, decided it was best for him to stay here with her. When I got to the hospital, Mom recognized me right away and began crying. For some reason, despite me reassuring her on the phone the day before that I'd be seeing her, she had forgotten and she had somehow convinced herself that I was never coming back. Mom had lost more weight, but was physically OK. Mentally, it was a completely different story: she continued to be nonsensical and her speech was greatly jumbled.

According to the doctor, they would most likely keep her for a few more weeks until the hematoma went away. I asked about the odds of Mom regaining her speech, and they advised me that, due to her age, the chances were not good. Even with the hematoma gone, the brain had been damaged. An elderly person's brain isn't as supple as a young person's, it calcifies and hardens actually, and it doesn't "bounce back" as well, so any pressure within the brain essentially deforms it ever so slightly. In addition to this, Mom was diagnosed as suffering from advanced dementia.

I spent a week with Mom.

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