Mar. 1st, 2011

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On December 8, exactly one week after I left Montreal, the social worker called me to inform me that they'd already found a room for Mom at a nearby intermediate-care level residence. She was being released from the hospital that Friday. So I packed my bags and drove up to Montreal once again. (I need to add at this point that my employer was very understanding of my situation and granted me all the necessary time to go take care of Mom.) When I got to the hospital on Friday, Mom was already dressed up and ready to go. It was a very cold and windy day and the only coat she had was a bit flimsy (I'd completely forgotten to get her warm coat from the apartment). Still, I managed to grab a parking spot right in front of the hospital door and whisked Mom in the car as fast as I could. The residence was only a few minutes away from the hospital.

When we got to the new place, named Residence Jo-Li, the owner warmly greeted us and seemed very pleased to have us there. The place was fully secure: codes needed to be entered to enter and exit the building. We were shown Mom's room which was already furnished; it was a bit small but it was cozy. A nice touch: there was a small bouquet of flowers waiting for her in the room. The establishment as a whole was spotless: it looked and smelled clean, and the hallways were uncluttered. The staff was very pleasant and the other residents seemed well taken care of. I spent the rest of the day moving Mom's clothes from her apartment to her new room. I hung pictures on the wall to make the place a bit more attractive and I brought over her favorite chair and floor lamp to warm up the room. I also went out a bought her a new TV and ordered cable for her.

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