Mar. 2nd, 2011

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January started off well: Mom was well taken care of in a new place, she seemed happy. I called her every day and we spoke. Things were good.

Then on January 18, I received a call at 2 AM from the night nurse at the residence. He had called to tell me that Mom had fallen while in the bathroom and had hit her head on the door frame. She was bleeding and they called 911 to take her to the ER. *sigh* we go again. There was nothing I could do so I went back to bed. Oddly enough, I wasn't panicked. I was comforted by the nurse's quick response and his immediate notification of me. He assured me that Mom was not in pain and that she seemed OK despite her fall.

In the morning, I called the hospital and got an update on her. She received stitches and that went well. She did not complain. There was, however, one heck of a surprise: they had discovered through blood tests that she had severe anemia! Her hemoglobin levels were very low, in the 60's when they should have been close to 100, which explained why she was tired so often and why she often seemed weak.

The doctor informed me that he would prescribe a couple of blood transfusions to bring up the hemoglobin levels. He also asked me if I'd be willing to authorize additional tests such as an endoscopy and a colonoscopy in hopes of determining the cause of this anemia. Because the levels are so low, he suspects possible internal bleeding. After discussing it with the doc, and getting his own personal opinion, I declined. I just couldn't see myself putting an 85 year-old woman with dementia through the trauma of having tubes inserted in various orifice,not to mention the possible dangers of anesthesia. What they'll do instead is closely monitor the hemoglobin levels and come up with an appropriate plan should things not improve. Mom was physically OK at that point, and I didn't want to start a routine of constant hospital visits.

She responded well to the transfusions and was released within a couple of days. Nevertheless, from having been bed-ridden for three days of so, she was having some difficulty walking on her own. She was still regaining her energy but she could not be left alone. She was eventually released from the hospital and returned to the residence, but with 24/7 in-room assistance. The social worker had someone assigned to her day and night to make sure she didn't fall while getting out of bed or while going to the bathroom. For the next few days, Mom seemed fine when I talked to her on the phone. According to the nurse, she was slowly regaining her strength.

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