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On Friday, Eric and his mom flew off to Vegas for a video poker tournament, as well as to take a look at the house on which he made an offer a few weeks back. As a result, I'm a Vegas widower for five days.

On Friday night, I was supposed to go to a happy hour event with Stuart and Dave. Unfortunately, and interestingly enough, both Stuart and I came home from work with blasting migraines. So, we cancelled our plans and stayed home. Plus, the heatwave was in full swing, so I was more than happy to stay indoors and chill, literally.

On Saturday morning, my headache was gone, and I went to my Weight Watchers meeting. The results weren't pretty...since my Las Vegas trip on Memorial Day, I've not been following my plan correctly, and I've gained back quite a bit of the weight I'd lost. Stupid, I know. I haven't been making good food choices, and I haven't been tracking. Not good. So, I went on Saturday, faced the music and decided to start over. Oddly enough, that was the topic for the week: starting over...obviously, it was meant to be. So, I'm starting again as if I were on Week 1. I'm judiciously tracking all my food, and my group leader even asked me to bring my tracker in next Saturday to show her. If that doesn't hold me accountable, I don't know what will.

So far, the week's been good. I have to admit that I feel hungrier than usual, but since my hunger is often a result of boredom, frustration, or habit, it soon passes once I set my mind on other things.

On Saturday night, Stuart, Dave, their friend Jeff, and I went out to dinner. We were supposed to go to a rooftop club in Rockville, but with the temps being 102+ degrees, we decided against it. We went to Outback instead, and then went out for ice cream afterwards. And yes, it fit into my plan. :-)

We had a great evening. I came home a bit after 10 PM, walked the dog, took a shower, and promptly crashed in front of the TV. I was in bed by 11:30 PM. I'm definitely Mr. Party, aren't I?

Sunday was nice and relaxed. I went to brunch with Dave and Stuart. We were originally going to go to Moxie's, but we ended up at Joanie's Carroll Street Cafe in downtown Frederick. It's a little hole-in-the-wall, with NO air conditioning. The place looked very bohemian, and is incredibly relaxed overall...there isn't even a price list! The food was OK, but I have doubts about the overall cleanliness of the place. I'll probably have to decline if they want to go there again.

I spent the rest of the day relaxing at home, staying out of the awful heat and humidity. I even cut Aspen's midday walk to just 10 minutes, as she was showing signs of slowing down after walking just half a block. Much of the humidity was relieved by a sudden storm that passed through the area. We did well in Frederick, but much of Montgomery County and parts of DC were greatly affected and have been without power since. Around 5 PM, after the storm had passed, I took Eric's dad out to Bloom so he could get groceries...he no longer drives, and the store is too far for him to walk.

When I called Mom that day, she informed me that she'd fallen. Nothing was broken, fortunately, but she'll probably end up with quite a bruise. She was going for a walk in the garden, when she missed the last step and fell. She fell back on her rear end. The nurses said that nothing was broken, thank God, but that she'd be quite sore for a few days.

Work continues to be stressful. My spreadsheet and presentation yesterday went well, and NO ONE ASKED FOR ANY MORE CHANGES! But now I need to begin training my two backups. It'll be easy, just time-consuming. And I'm not a very good teacher, I readily admit that, so it's stressful for me.

Anyway, time to get working. Thanks for reading!
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