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Well, the DC area is now entering its 39th day with temps above 90 degrees. Despite the occasional afternoon downpour, it's not enough to alleviate the discomfort. It's humid, sticky, and the combination just grabs ahold of you the moment you walk out the door and stifles you. Ugh.

Much of the grass in our neighborhood is now yellow. I know it'll return to green once this is all over, but it would be nice to walk throguh soft green grass...not crunchy yellow hay.

Right now, Eric and I are hooked on the TV series "Popular". It's old by TV standards, as it dates back to 2000, but it's a hoot. I unearthed my DVDs of it this past weekend, and we're having a blast. It's such a demented show, well ahead of its time. Plus, at the time, it ran on UPN which meant zero audience. It's a shame it wasn't more of a hit, but I'm glad both seasons are on DVD.

I made some cod last night, which just turned out OK. I hadn't made it in a looooooooong time and I'd forgotten how truly "fishy" that fish is. I'll have to remember that when I'm at the supermarket...regardless of how low-priced it is, stay away!

I'm slowly getting my two backups ready at work. I can't believe I'm finally getting my vaacation in less than a month. I'm happy. But it'll also be a tense few weeks as I need to make sure that both people are fully trained.

Time to work. Thanks for reading.
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I've not had much luck recently at our local Famous Dave's restaurant.

On Monday, Eric and I went there for lunch. The tri-tip I ordered was served beyond was completely raw. Ugh. I sent it back and declined anything just turned me off.

Yesterday, we had a coupon for a free meal so we went back to the same restaurant. No, I did not order the same thing as the day before...I ordered a platter of chopped pork w/ some BBQ sauce. As I'm eating the pork, I find a little piece of metal, like a crinkled up steel shaving in the middle of my food.

I reported it to the manager, she apologized and immediately comped my meal. She brought me a new serving of pork (metal-free this time), and she treated me to dessert.

I've been going to that location for a few years now, and I've never had a problem. Hopefully, this was just a fluke.
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You'd think with all my leisure time, I'd have written this during the weekend.

I spent most of the weekend quietly by myself. I know I sound like such a hermit, but I really enjoy my home and the solitude it provides. Eric and his mom left on Saturday for Ocean City; they had to take care fo a couple of things at the condo there. Then on Sunday, they drove up to Atlantic City for the Lady Gaga concert. It was Eric's mom's birthday, and that was her present. And, yes, despite being 61, she wanted to go see Lady Gaga in concert.

During the course of the weekend, I did my usual domestic things, went out for coffee a couple of times with my friend Stuart, and just generally stayed inside where it was cool.

On Sunday, the weather was very hot and humid. Stuart asked me to join him and his partner Dave, and their friend Matt over at Baker Park for the fireworks. I declined. I was truly happy being home where it was cool and comfy. I ended up watching a good film on Logo, "The Mulligans", in which a father falls for his son's best friend. Not as lurid as it initially sounds.

Later that evening, I got a text from Eric that the concert crowd was massive and it was taking forever to get out of Atlantic City. Sure enough, in addition to the heavy traffic, there was a very serious accident on the AC Expressway that caused major delays. I went to bed around 2 AM. Eric finally got home a little bit after 7 AM. He crashed and slept until 11 AM. He was still very tired, but didn't want to sleep the day away.

So, we ran a couple of errands and went to lunch. The rest of our day was very quiet.

And that was my holiday weekend. HOw was yours?
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We had some layoffs yesterday: our local jewelry repair depot and the department that worked right next to mine are now history. I’ve lost some good coworkers. Hopefully, they’ll be able to find new positions for most of them. As a result, the office was eerily quiet today. Yesterday was noisy with sobs, today is too quiet.

Now to add indignation to all this...a few months back, a woman who works at our center in Iowa started missing a lot of time from work due to health issues. I eventually found out that she was dealing with Stage 2 breast cancer, and was going through some pretty rough chemo and radiation treatments. In addition to this, she was going through a divorce, her grandmother had passed away earlier this year, her teenage son had been in a serious car accident late last year, and her youngest had been hospitalized with a serious respiratory infection. Wow, that's a lot to take in. When her health situation became generally known, all her coworkers chipped in and started visiting her at home, bringing her food, and setting up schedules where they would help her around the house. This has been going on for a couple of months now, and her coworkers had a fundraiser planned for this upcoming weekend to collect some funds to help her with her medical expenses. Our company was even looking into having employees donate some of their paid time off to her so she wouldn't run out of sick time.

Well, today the bomb dropped: she had made the whole thing up! She isn't sick (physically, anyway), does not have cancer, and is not undergoing painful chemo or radiation therapy.

Apparently, over the weekend, a coworker spotted her driving around town when she was supposed to be in the hospital having surgery. The coworker followed her and found her sobbing in her truck with a loaded gun on the front seat next to her. Not sure what she was planning on doing, but the coworker's presence triggered a sobbing tearful confession.

At this point, I'm not sure what's going to happen to her: there's talk she may be asked to enter into a psychiatric treatment facility. Or she may just be terminated altogether.

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I'm writing this from work. Just came back from lunch and I don't feel like working.

I remember when I used to come in to work at 6 AM. My life seemed more interesting then, for whatever reason, and I always had something to write about. Plus, I had some peace and quiet that early in the morning before my coworkers got here, so it was nice. I'd be on LJ everyday.

Now, I get in to the office a little bit after 7 AM, some people are already here, and I don't have time to write as I used to. Plus, it seems that I now don't have anything interesting to say anymore. I don't want to bore everyone with my Lady Gaga obsession ("too late!", they all say) so I keep a lot of it for the fan page, and on FB.

Plus, my life has become very formulaic: get up, go to work, return home, cook/watch TV/waste time on the laptop, go to bed. Then it starts all over the next day.

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Went to Charles Town Races & Slots last night. Eric and I figured we should go there before the big July 2 change when they add table games and change the name to "Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races".

The place was a ghost town. Of course, it was a Wednesday evening so it was bound to be slow, but they're still in the midst of some major construction with lots of taped-off areas and banks of slots that are turned off, so I'm sure that's keeping folks away. The gaming table area will be quite sizeable, and they've put in new cushy carpet. There's also a lot of architectural woodwork and a massive video display that, personally, I found distracting.

Hopefully, if they're smart, they'll have some beginner tables like they do in some Atlantic City casinos, where you can learn how to play the various games and bet very small amounts.

So, we played for a little while, then had dinner, then back to more playing. I won $35 off a 25-cent bet on "Invaders From The Planet Moolah". So my profit for the evening was $25...not bad at all.

We left around 8:30 PM, went home, walked the dog, took showers, read for a bit, then went to bed around 10:45 PM.

It was also Aspen's birthday yesterday. She turned 12. Other than giving her an extra biscuit, I didn't do much of anything. I'll probably go to the pet store downtown on Saturday and get her a treat.
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Nothing exciting to report, really.

Mom's feeling much better. The prune juice is working. She told me all the graphic details of the results. *sigh*

Last night, Eric came home around 6:30 PM as he was attending a class in McLean until 5 PM.

We watched the news, the gossip shows, then two hours of America's Got Talent. I enjoy that's more serious than the Gong Show (I'm sure I'm dating myself with that reference) but it still has moments of insanity and ridiculousness. It's fun entertainment.

And that's it. Btw, 5:30 AM came too soon.
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-- Last night, Eric and I really gayed up our TV watching: Drop Dead Diva, followed by a mini Golden Girls marathon.

-- Mom is doing better. Her g.i. issues have been resolved. Trust me, I got the whole graphic story yesterday on the phone, hehe. I'll spare you the details, but she's feeling much better.

-- I'm planning a trip up to Montreal to see her. Not sure when, exactly, but I'm thinking July. Depending on Eric's schedule (he's going back to Vegas next month), it might have to wait until August.

-- My post yesterday sparked the most responses I've received in a long time (with the exception of my posts on the Gaga fan page). It's nice to know people still read my entries. Thanks to everyone who replied...some of you have had different childhood/young adult experiences from mine and have provided food for thought in regards to my view on the whole concept of Pride. I can't fully grasp it yet, but your comments have gotten the gray cells thinking about it all. And isn't that what discussion is all about?
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Well, this weekend was Pride Weekend here in the DC area. Everyone gets so excited about it, and I just don't get it.

For starters, it always seems to be on the hottest, most humid weekend of the year so far. I realize the organizers have no way of knowing how the weather will be, and I'm not blaming them, but that's how it always seems to turn out. This weekend, the heat index was almost thanks, I'll stay home where it's cool and comfy.

Second, I'm not one for crowds. They irritate me. When I was younger, no problem...I could easily go into the most tightly-packed club or bar (hello, Midnight Sun in SF!), but not anymore. Now, I find them testing my patience at every turn, and it's unpleasant.

Third, and probably most importnat for me, I don't get the concept of Pride. Maybe I'm too hung up on the word, but I don't see how my sexual orientation has anything to do with "pride". I don't think most heterosexuals are necessarily proud of their orientation. It's just something that is. And that's how I think it should be for us. At least, that's how it is for me.

I'm not sure if changing it from "pride" to "celebration", for example, would do it for me. I've been out to friends since I was 16, and I've been out to my parents since I was, for me, being gay is just a part of me. It's not all of me, and I don't see it as an accomplishment which needs to result in a feeling of pride.

I guess I celebrate Pride everyday just by being me. My partner and I live very average, boring lives: stress-filled jobs, dog walks, grocery shopping, household chores, paying bills, going out to dinner with friends, etc. I think seeing two men in a relationship, dealing with everyday problems and chores, makes more of an impact on society than a Pride festical or parade.

Plus, and I know it's a small contingent, but I really don't want to be equated with half-naked pierced folks in leather walking around and being displayed on floats. I have nothing against sex or kink, or any other way that adults express themselves in the bedroom or in porn films, but if we're really looking to celebrate pride and societal freedom, then there has to be a better way than buttless chaps...because you just *know* that THAT is what the evening news is going to broadcast. Let's face it, there's still a large percentage of the hetero viewing audience out there that needs to be educated on this subject, and I'd rather they not learn it from what looks like the local sex club attendees.

My 2 cents' worth.
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Seriously, not much to report. I suppose that's good.

-- Work is good. Nothing specifically great, but I really can't complain. It's work, it's legit, it pays well, my boss likes me, and I have power.

-- Mom is doing better. She's been enjoying the springtime in Montreal by spending a lot of time on the garden swings (you know the type that seats four and glides back and forth). Despite the residence being close to a freeway, the garden there is really beautiful and the surrounding trees absorb the traffic noises. It's quiet and very colorful. Mom enjoys it a lot. In additon to being the queen of the bean bag tossing game, she's slowly becoming bocce ball queen. Who knew? :-)

-- Father's Day is in a couple of weeks from now. Surprisingly, it's not hitting me as much as it did last year. For those who might not know, Dad passed away two years ago in April. I think I'll be able to emotionally survive Father's Day this year.

-- The friend drama from a couple of weeks ago has calmed down. There are still some jealous resurgences, but as long as they don't affect Eric or me --or our plans-- directly, I don't care. I'm so blessed to have a normal, psychologically-sound, level-headed partner.

-- Happy Friday!
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Wow, can't believe it's been so long since I've updated. Here's what's been happening:

-- Went to Las Vegas last weekend (05/29) with Eric's dad. We met up with Eric and his mom who had been gotten there three days earlier. The main purpose of the trip was to look for an investment/retirement home for us. Eric wants to retire in Vegas because, with the exception of some nights throughout the year, it's not cold. He despises the cold. I'm OK with it. But I'm also OK with the heat, as long as it's not humid, which Vegas isn't as a rule. His dad and i returned on Wednesday, 06/02, and I picked up Eric and his mom on Saturday night, 06/05.

-- The trip was somewhat contract signed, but Eric thinks he found a nice house in a new development at a terrific price. We'll most likely have to go back.

-- As far as gambling goes, my luck was bad. I'll leave it at that.

-- But while we were there, we did go to the Pinball Hall Of Fame (sadly, no "Hyperball", my all-time favorite game). And then we ventured into the ultimate in tacky: the Liberace Museum. The guy was definitely the Lady Gaga of his time: super-talented, outrageous costumes, a kind heart.

-- My mom's health as been both good and bad. She's been felling much better overall, and has gone out a few times since the weather has warmed up. The assisted living home has a beautiful garden with swings, and Mom likes to go sit in those for a couple of hours each day and just enjoy the outdoors. She chit-chats with friends, but mostly she enjoys being out of the house. However, last week, she told me that she'd been having some serious g.i. issues (lots of pain, unable to go to the bathroom), and it stressed her out. When Mom gets stressed like that, for some reason, she stumbles on her words and becomes unable to process sentences. She becomes nonsensical. So, I ended up calling the nurse who told me that Mom had told them just the day before that she hadn't gone to the bathroom in over a week! Fortunately, the nurse discovered that Mom was barely drinking any water, or even liquids in general other than her couple cups of coffee and her afternoon fruit juice. So, she asked Mom to increase her water, which Mom did (8 glasses a day). And voila, within 24 hours, things were back to normal: regularity had returned, and the pain was gone. *sigh*...Mom was a nurse all her life, you'd think she'd remember stuff like this. Oh well, that's why we pay extra to have someone monitor her. I'm glad she's better.

-- Yesterday, I participated in the 2010 Weight Watchers 5K Walk-It Challenge. Nothing had been organized at my Saturday meeting, so I did it on my own. I put on my walking shoes, had the iPod loaded with Lady Gaga and 80's italo tracks, and started walking. The day before, I'd plotted a 5K course through my neighborhood. Took me about 50 minutes to walk that distance. When I was done, I was soaking wet (it was HUMID!) but I felt great. I'd never done anything like that before, so I was pleased with my accomplishment.

-- Spent the weekend relaxing at home. It was nice.
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The latest additions to the Gaga collection, clockwise from upper left: Fame Monster (Limited Edition USB Drive, out of print), The Remix (original Japan-only pressing), The Remix (International edition, original cover), The Remix (International edition, censored cover issued in the UK)

The Flood

May. 25th, 2010 08:10 am
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Last night, after he came back from his meeting, Eric went to the bedroom to undress. Suddenly, he called out to me, "Did Aspen pee on the carpet? It's wet!"

So I went in, and felt the carpet at the spot where he indicated. Sure enough, it was wet. Very wet. Too wet, in fact, for it to be just dog pee. So I started feeling the rest of the carpet around the area and, sure enough, it also was wet. Very wet. I smelled the liquid on my fingers: not pee, not sewer (thank God!), but it was definitely dirty water. From what I could tell, the carpet in the corner of our bedroom was completely soaked. As I started to remove some furniture and other items from there, something told me to check the walk-in closet. *sigh*...the carpet was wet there, too. As Eric was finishing the bedroom, I began emptying the walk-in closet.

By then, we figured that something had happened at our neighbors', or a pipe had broken between the walls. So I went next door to ask. It turns out that someone in the household had left a faucet running and it flooded their place. Their living room carpet was soaked. Our neighbor who answered the door didn't know much more than I did...she'd just gotten home herself when she found this out. The household has adult occupants of varying degrees of physical and mental capabilities: the grandmother is wheelchair-bound but is sharp as a tack, there's a sister who's very nice but seems flighty, and then there's the brother who seems mentally-challenged. There was no sense in getting overly upset, as I'm sure she wasn't too thrilled about having to deal with a whole new set of problems either.

After we'd moved everything out of the affected areas, Eric began calling his insurance and our property management company for guidance. Of course, we'd get everything done through our neighbor's insurance, but we wanted to know what steps to take. We were both in a bit of a panic, and we wanted to make sure we'd thought of everything.

Turns out our neighbor uses a no-name homeowner's insurance company. They're not 24/7, and she couldn't get ahold of them last night. Argh! So we had to wait until this morning. In the meantime, a cleanup company told us that as long as things are addressed within 24 hours, things can be salvaged and there's no need to rush, as long as all the water is off.

At 12:45 AM, we went to bed and fell quickly asleep, we were exhausted. We slept in the second bedroom.

This morning, Eric stayed home and will be dealing with the issue. He leaves tomorrow morning. Hopefully, everything will be done and repaired by Friday since I'm supposed to leave on Saturday.

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...I have magical musical balls.
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Last night, Eric and I went to Cafe 611 here in Frederick to hang out with folks from our local GLBT group. Our friends Stuart and Dave were there, and it was fun to meet up with them as well as see a few familiar (and some newer) faces.

We didn't stay long (a little over an hour), then we headed out to Griff's for dinner. We'd never been there, but decided to go despite having been told that the food is just OK (we had a certificate). It turned out to be delicious. We each ordered a scallops dish and they were terrific! We're definitely going back.

Going out for a completely different evening was a nice break in our routine. Downtown Frederick is quiet on Wednesday, and it was nice to be there without all the throngs of folks that we're used to on First Saturdays and during other celebrations.

After dinner, we went home, walked the dog and relaxed for about an hour before going to bed.

Life is sweet.

Out Of It

May. 18th, 2010 07:45 am
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I've already mentally checked out of work. It's going to be a looooooong two weeks (hopefully, I'm wrong). Usually, I'm OK with my work and taking few vacations a year. But it will now have been six months since I last took a day off (early December to go see Mom) and I've now reached a point of almost-but-not-quite burnout.

It's not that I'm particularly excited with going to Vegas (the whole airport thing and the flight itself irk me...I'm truly NOT a traveler), I'm just looking forward to getting away form it all and relaxing. Yes, it'll be nice to completely forget about my routine life for a few days, and engage in touristy things. Hello, Liberace Museum! :-D

Plus, Eric is understanding enough to plan inexpensive activities while we're there. It's easy to spend, spend, spend in Vegas. But there are lots of free or low-cost things to do and see.

Plus, we'll be busy seeing friends: his friend Candace, my friend Joey (from high school!), and our friend Ron who'll be trekking up from Phoenix.

Anyway, May 28th can't come soon'll be my first Friday off in months and it'll give me time to relax before we leave on Saturday.

Vegas. Baby.
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OK, well apparently, I need more discipline in my life so that I can keep this thing updated on a more regular basis.

Unfortunately, I don't have much to say this week:

-- Mom is feeling much better, though her voice is still very hoarse. This is what happened last year as well, so I'm not too worries about it. It'll fix itself in time. The most important is that her cold/respiratory infection is gone and she's breathign better.

-- Work was rough last week again. Second week in a row. Hopefully, this third week will be the charm.

-- Eric came back from his Caribbean cruise on Saturday afternoon. I was SO happy to see him again. He was very tired and ended up going to bed around 10 PM. On Sunday, we spent the day together. There was some seriously-needed nookie in the afternoon. Oh yea.

-- I received my copy of Lady Gaga's "The Remix" from Amazon UK on Tuesday. Awesome album, and I like the track listing even better than the one on the Japanese edition. However, I'm still waiting on my USB limited edition was to be delivered on Friday. Hopefully today!

-- And that's it! Yup...not much this week.

Thanks for reading!

A Week

May. 10th, 2010 07:45 am
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A week has gone by since my last update. So much for my promise to keep things updated on a more frequent basis. In any case, I'm here now, so let's do this.

-- The week at work was hellish! It started rough on Monday and kept on going. I was so happy to leave on Friday afternoon, I even left 15 minutes early. The ride home was very smooth and stress-free, and the weather was beautiful, so it made for a great start to the weekend.

-- And when I called Mom during the drive home, she was in terrific spirits. She'd just gotten her hair done at the in-house salon, and I can always tell she feels like a million bucks after that. Despite being 84, Mom looks years younger and she has a full thick head of hair, so I can understand why she enjoys that Friday afternoon pampering. Healthwise, she continues to feel better: her lungs sounded clearer and she wasn't coughing as much, though her voice was hoarse and cracking, making her sound a bit like Kim Carnes, hehe. That seems to be the norm for her after a very bad respiratory infection, so I was actually pleased to hear it.

-- Once I got home, I walked the dog and rushed out to Panera Bread to meet our friend Stuart for dinner. Had a Greek salad and it was delicious. We chatted but didn't stay long. I was back home by 6:45 PM and quickly took care of the laundry and the household chores.

-- On Saturday, I was supposed to head out to Baltimore for Tim and Mark's housewarming party. Of course, as timing would have it, I started having some major stomach turmoil that afternoon, and it just got worse. I cancelled my plans and stayed home, wearing out a path between the couch and the bathroom. Ugh. I spent the evening with The Golden Girls and stayed up to watch Betty White on Saturday Night Live. She was hilarious! It was truly the funniest and best episode they'd had in a long time, and the writers outdid themselves. I'm rating it a 10, despite the fact that Jay-Z was the musical guest. :-P

-- On Sunday, I ran a few early morning errands, then went to brunch with Stuart at Moxie's. We chatted for about an hour and a half before heading home. I spent the rest of my day resting and I took Aspen for a nice long walk. It was actually cold and windy, and she enjoyed herself.

-- Eric and his parents were docked in San Juan, PR, for the day, so I got a chance to speak with him a couple of times. It was very nice hearing his voice. They were enjoying themselves and they're off to the islands later today.

And that's it! Time to get some work done...thanks for reading.
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