May. 17th, 2010

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OK, well apparently, I need more discipline in my life so that I can keep this thing updated on a more regular basis.

Unfortunately, I don't have much to say this week:

-- Mom is feeling much better, though her voice is still very hoarse. This is what happened last year as well, so I'm not too worries about it. It'll fix itself in time. The most important is that her cold/respiratory infection is gone and she's breathign better.

-- Work was rough last week again. Second week in a row. Hopefully, this third week will be the charm.

-- Eric came back from his Caribbean cruise on Saturday afternoon. I was SO happy to see him again. He was very tired and ended up going to bed around 10 PM. On Sunday, we spent the day together. There was some seriously-needed nookie in the afternoon. Oh yea.

-- I received my copy of Lady Gaga's "The Remix" from Amazon UK on Tuesday. Awesome album, and I like the track listing even better than the one on the Japanese edition. However, I'm still waiting on my USB limited edition was to be delivered on Friday. Hopefully today!

-- And that's it! Yup...not much this week.

Thanks for reading!


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