May. 25th, 2010

The Flood

May. 25th, 2010 08:10 am
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Last night, after he came back from his meeting, Eric went to the bedroom to undress. Suddenly, he called out to me, "Did Aspen pee on the carpet? It's wet!"

So I went in, and felt the carpet at the spot where he indicated. Sure enough, it was wet. Very wet. Too wet, in fact, for it to be just dog pee. So I started feeling the rest of the carpet around the area and, sure enough, it also was wet. Very wet. I smelled the liquid on my fingers: not pee, not sewer (thank God!), but it was definitely dirty water. From what I could tell, the carpet in the corner of our bedroom was completely soaked. As I started to remove some furniture and other items from there, something told me to check the walk-in closet. *sigh*...the carpet was wet there, too. As Eric was finishing the bedroom, I began emptying the walk-in closet.

By then, we figured that something had happened at our neighbors', or a pipe had broken between the walls. So I went next door to ask. It turns out that someone in the household had left a faucet running and it flooded their place. Their living room carpet was soaked. Our neighbor who answered the door didn't know much more than I did...she'd just gotten home herself when she found this out. The household has adult occupants of varying degrees of physical and mental capabilities: the grandmother is wheelchair-bound but is sharp as a tack, there's a sister who's very nice but seems flighty, and then there's the brother who seems mentally-challenged. There was no sense in getting overly upset, as I'm sure she wasn't too thrilled about having to deal with a whole new set of problems either.

After we'd moved everything out of the affected areas, Eric began calling his insurance and our property management company for guidance. Of course, we'd get everything done through our neighbor's insurance, but we wanted to know what steps to take. We were both in a bit of a panic, and we wanted to make sure we'd thought of everything.

Turns out our neighbor uses a no-name homeowner's insurance company. They're not 24/7, and she couldn't get ahold of them last night. Argh! So we had to wait until this morning. In the meantime, a cleanup company told us that as long as things are addressed within 24 hours, things can be salvaged and there's no need to rush, as long as all the water is off.

At 12:45 AM, we went to bed and fell quickly asleep, we were exhausted. We slept in the second bedroom.

This morning, Eric stayed home and will be dealing with the issue. He leaves tomorrow morning. Hopefully, everything will be done and repaired by Friday since I'm supposed to leave on Saturday.



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