Jun. 11th, 2010

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Seriously, not much to report. I suppose that's good.

-- Work is good. Nothing specifically great, but I really can't complain. It's work, it's legit, it pays well, my boss likes me, and I have power.

-- Mom is doing better. She's been enjoying the springtime in Montreal by spending a lot of time on the garden swings (you know the type that seats four and glides back and forth). Despite the residence being close to a freeway, the garden there is really beautiful and the surrounding trees absorb the traffic noises. It's quiet and very colorful. Mom enjoys it a lot. In additon to being the queen of the bean bag tossing game, she's slowly becoming bocce ball queen. Who knew? :-)

-- Father's Day is in a couple of weeks from now. Surprisingly, it's not hitting me as much as it did last year. For those who might not know, Dad passed away two years ago in April. I think I'll be able to emotionally survive Father's Day this year.

-- The friend drama from a couple of weeks ago has calmed down. There are still some jealous resurgences, but as long as they don't affect Eric or me --or our plans-- directly, I don't care. I'm so blessed to have a normal, psychologically-sound, level-headed partner.

-- Happy Friday!


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